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For EU/EEA nationals who wish to continue living in the UK after Brexit

The British government has said that EU and EEA nationals presently living in the UK will be able to stay without any changes to their present rights until the UK leaves the EU in March 2019. In its negotiations with the EU the British government has made an 'offer' on how EU nationals can remain in the UK in the future. Information on this offer is on the UK residence page.

EU and EEA nationals who wish to remain in the UK after March 2019 as an individual or as a family, should start collecting evidence of living in the UK such as tax papers or bank account documents, and think about whether it would be best to apply for British Citizenship. This multi-language site will give you clear information to guide you through what is involved in these application processes.

     -     I (and my family) would like more information on staying in the UK

     -     I (and my family) would like to apply for British Citizenship