one stop shops for mobile EU citizens

What this project will do

This project, one-stop-shops for mobile EU citizens, is aimed at increasing the political participation of EU nationals in the countries that they have moved to. In the UK the referendum in June 2016 showed a small majority of those who voted wanted the UK to leave the EU.

In the UK the project will focus on advising EU/EEA nationals on how they can obtain documents to show that they are resident in UK or to obtain British Citizenship. It will do that through a multi-language website, multi-language leaflets, meetings with NGOs who work with EU/EEA nationals and a big ‘one-stop-shop’ advice and discussion event for EU nationals in early 2017.

The project also covers Belgium and Ireland, and is led by the Migration Policy Group in Brussels, who work in partnership with the European Citizen Action Service and OBJECTIF in Belgium, and the Immigrant Council of Ireland and NESC (the Irish Immigrant Support Centre) in Ireland.

The project is supported by the European Union and the Open Society Foundations.

This video is a recording from one of the early project events in July 2016: